Real-Time Audio Translator

Real - Time Audio Translator

Break language barriers instantly with our AI-enabled real-time audio translation solution

Introducing our real-time audio translation accelerator leveraging Meta’s AI, SeamlessM4T. In a world where language barriers inhibit communication, our solution seamlessly translates speech to speech, transcending linguistic divides with unprecedented speed and accuracy. Designed to address the universal challenge of multilingual interaction, our solution offers instant, user-friendly translations across nearly 100 input languages and 35 output languages, including English, Italian, Deutsch, Arabic, Spanish, and many more.

Speech Recognition
Speech Recognition
Our accelerator solution boasts state-of-the-art speech recognition capabilities,...
Our accelerator solution boasts state-of-the-art speech recognition capabilities, enabling seamless conversion of spoken words into text with unparalleled accuracy and speed.
Real-Time Speech to Speech Translation
Real-Time Speech to Speech Translation
Built with state-of-the-art technology, the solution provides audio-to-audio translation...
Built with state-of-the-art technology, the solution provides audio-to-audio translation to different languages by automatically detecting the source (input) language, all in real-time.
Increased Accessibility
Increased Accessibility
With automatic transcriptions and speech-to-text features, our accelerator solution enhances...
With automatic transcriptions and speech-to-text features, our accelerator solution enhances accessibility by breaking down communication barriers and providing equal opportunities for all individuals to engage effectively in conversations.
Multilingual Support
Multilingual Support
Our accelerator solution provides extensive multilingual support, covering nearly 100 input languages...
Our accelerator solution provides extensive multilingual support, covering nearly 100 input languages and 35 output languages, ensuring inclusive and comprehensive communication experiences for users worldwide.
Tech Advancement
Tech Advancement
Leveraging cutting-edge technology, our solution is built with open-source AI models...
Leveraging cutting-edge technology, our solution is built with open-source AI models which are easy to customize & scale, and efficient on resource utilization thereby ushering in a new era of global interaction without any barriers of uncontrolled product or inflated costs.

Features of our Real-Time Audio Translator

Revolutionize communication with our Audio Accelerator Solution. Experience lightning-fast real-time translation of speech (audio). Unmatched versatility with support for almost 100 input languages and 35 (+ English) output languages. Our user-friendly interface ensures a natural and immersive speech translation experience, transcending language barriers effortlessly. Elevate conversations with the future of seamless communication.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing

Preserves the natural flow and nuances of the speaker's voice, ensuring that translated audio maintains the speaker's emotions, unique characteristics, and intonations.
Communication with Expressions

Communication with Expressions

With an expressive model, one can convey various emotions such as anger, excitement, and whispering. This capability will help you connect with people smoothly.
Multi-lingual & Controlled Output Audio Language

Multi-lingual & Controlled Output Audio Language

Listeners can subscribe to different output languages, and control the language in which they want to listen to the audio on their own, all in real-time. So, you do not have to build different solutions for different languages.
Continuous Updates and Support

Continuous Updates and Support

Regular updates and technical support to address user feedback, improve performance, and enhance feature sets based on evolving user needs and technological advancements.
Bespoke & custom to your needs

Bespoke & Custom to Your Needs

Being an accelerator solution, this can be used to build products and applications of your use cases of real-time speech (audio) translations custom to your needs. You do not have to tweak your business use cases to achieve this capability.
Automatic Transcriptions (Speech to Text)

Automatic Transcriptions (Speech to Text)

By integrating automatic transcription functionalities, our solution simplifies the process of converting spoken language into text, facilitating convenient documentation and comprehension of conversations.

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Challenges Solved by Build Real-time Audio Translator

Our real-time audio translation accelerator solution tackles the challenge of seamless communication across language barriers. It empowers travelers, international businesses, and multicultural communities by providing instant translation during conversations. Built on Meta’s SeamlessM4T model, it optimizes processing speed and accuracy, enabling fluid cross-language dialogue in diverse real-life scenarios.

It overcomes language barriers in real-time, enhancing interactions in multicultural communities worldwide.
Empowering international businesses, our solution provides instant translation, fostering collaboration in multicultural settings.
The best aspect of Meta's Seamless model is that it provides speech-to-speech translation within a processing time of around 2-3 seconds, overcoming longer processing times.
In today's era of global interconnectedness, our solution revolutionizes communication by swiftly translating spoken words, regardless of linguistic disparities.

Empowering Global Connectivity

Our real-time audio translation accelerator isn’t just about breaking language barriers; it’s about forging connections. Imagine seamless conversations between diverse cultures, enabling smoother international collaborations, enhancing travel experiences, and facilitating inclusive community interactions. With lightning-fast translations and expressive capabilities, our solution empowers global connectivity like never before, transcending linguistic boundaries for a more united and understanding world.

Technology we used

A solution which is built with open-source yet time-tested
technologies and models.

Frequently Asked Questions

Xcelore’s solution leverages Meta’s SeamlessM4T model for instantaneous speech-to-speech translation, eliminating the need for transcription and separate translation steps. This ensures faster and more efficient communication across languages, reducing processing time to just 2-3 seconds.

Currently, Xcelore’s real-time audio translation accelerator solution operates online, leveraging cloud-based infrastructure for processing and translation tasks. However, offline capabilities are being explored in future iterations to address users’ diverse needs and preferences.

Xcelore’s solution employs advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques embedded within Meta’s SeamlessM4T model to ensure high accuracy in translated audio. Continuous optimization and training processes further enhance the precision and reliability of the translation output.

Meta’s SeamlessM4T model is specifically designed for multilingual and multitasking translation tasks across speech and text. Its speed and adaptability enable Xcelore’s solution to offer near-instantaneous translation while preserving the speaker’s unique expressions and nuances, enhancing user experience.

Xcelore prioritizes user privacy and data security by implementing robust encryption protocols and adhering to stringent data protection standards. User data is handled with utmost confidentiality, and measures are in place to safeguard against unauthorized access or misuse.

This solution accelerator is being used in multiple use cases like Translation of audio in classrooms where students of multiple nationalities and different first languages take the lectures, in video streaming like meetings, audio & video dubbing to different languages, or language interpreter apps, etc.


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