Top Reasons for Using Kotlin for Android App Development

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Are you searching for a new language to make your Android app? Consider Kotlin! Kotlin is an open-source, statically typed language designed for use with the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

Google supports Kotlin as a preferred language for Android app development, and over 9.6% of developers use it for Android apps. In this blog, we’ll cover 12 reasons to choose Kotlin for Android app development. From versatility and readability to compatibility with existing code, Kotlin offers numerous advantages for Android developers.

12 reasons to choose Kotlin for Android app development

Kotlin has emerged as a game-changer, offering developers a powerful and versatile toolset to create outstanding apps.

1. Open-Source

Kotlin is open-source, which means you can freely access its source code, without needing to buy a license or pay any fees. This makes it simple for everyone to use and customize the language to suit their application needs.

The active developer community consistently enhances the tools and libraries on the platform, providing excellent support and making coding more efficient. Having many available libraries in this open-source language also speeds up app development and ensures they are free from bugs before release.

Furthermore, being an open-source platform, anyone can contribute to enhancing Kotlin’s features and capabilities. A continuous flow of bug reports and fixes ultimately strengthens the language and makes it more stable with each new release.

2. Kotlin is Multi-Platform

Kotlin is a versatile programming language used for Android, iOS, web, desktop, and embedded systems. It lets developers create apps for multiple platforms using less code. Kotlin offers various APIs and libraries for app customization, making maintenance and development easier and faster.

Additionally, Kotlin’s cross-platform support means you don’t have to learn multiple programming languages when making apps for different platforms.

3. Interoperability with Java

Kotlin is a programming language that works smoothly with Java, letting developers use both languages together in their projects.

You can use Java libraries in Kotlin, and vice versa, making it simple to combine existing Java code with Kotlin.

This interoperability allows a gradual transition from Java to Kotlin, introducing more language features over time in existing projects.

Using both languages in the same development environment doesn’t add extra costs, making it cost-effective for developers to create apps.

Google officially supports Kotlin for Android app development, thanks to its compatibility with Java, making it easier for developers to build robust apps quickly.

4. Reduces Boilerplate Code

Kotlin makes coding easier by introducing various language features. For instance, it offers data classes that let developers quickly create classes to store data that can be converted into different formats like JSON or XML. This reduces the amount of code needed for tasks like parsing and mapping data from APIs.

Kotlin also simplifies accessing class fields with properties that have getters and setters, eliminating the need for extra code. Moreover, Kotlin has extensions that add useful functions to existing classes and objects, reducing the unnecessary code for common tasks. When you use all these features together, it saves time for developers and keeps them in control of their projects.

5. Maturity and Great IDE Support

Kotlin is a well-established language that’s been developed by experienced open-source developers. They’ve worked hard to make sure it’s reliable and free of bugs. Kotlin also works smoothly with popular IDEs like IntelliJ IDEA, Android Studio, and Eclipse, making it effortless for developers to use. You won’t need to learn new tools or software since Kotlin’s IDE support simplifies project creation and maintenance.

Moreover, Kotlin’s comprehensive documentation is a valuable resource for developers. It helps you learn quickly and provides plenty of solutions for common issues.

6. Kotlin is Easy to Learn

Kotlin has a user-friendly syntax, which makes it easy for Java-experienced individuals to pick up. It shares many Java concepts like variables, functions, and classes while adding some new ones for smoother coding. For instance, Kotlin offers type inference, so you don’t have to specify data types.

Kotlin also uses lambda expressions, enabling developers to write shorter and faster code. This greatly speeds up the programming process when compared to Java or other languages.

7. Easier, Flexible Android Development

Kotlin simplifies app development for various Android platforms, such as Marshmallow and Nougat, by facilitating code sharing and improving efficiency.

8. Seamlessly Integrated with Android Studio

Integrating Kotlin with Android Studio is simple and smooth. Many integrated development environments (IDEs) support this language, so developers can pick it up easily without investing a lot of time.

Tools like Auto-Complete, Syntax Highlighting, Refactoring, and Debugging make app development with Kotlin very efficient.

Additionally, there’s a Java-to-Kotlin converter integrated, which allows developers to convert their existing Java projects into Kotlin quickly. This helps existing development teams transition from Java to Kotlin with ease and efficiency.

9. Speed

Kotlin is a super-safe language that stops errors leading to security problems. As you type, Kotlin’s compiler gives you early hints about possible vulnerabilities, helping you find and fix issues before they turn into security threats.

Kotlin also makes sure to clean up resources when they’re no longer useful, preventing memory leaks and other performance hiccups.

10. Increased Code Brevity and Readability

Kotlin is a great choice for Android app development because it’s short and easy to read. With Kotlin, developers can write less code, which speeds up the process.

Kotlin’s clean syntax also helps developers understand and collaborate. When everyone can grasp the code easily, working together becomes simple.

11. Integration with Third-Party Libraries and Frameworks

One of the key things in making an Android app is working with other libraries and tools from outside. The language even works well with famous Android app development frameworks like Dagger, Retrofit, and RxJava.

12. Helps Reduce Errors and Bugs in the Code

Kotlin has a strong type checker that looks at all the parts of a program and makes sure they work well together. This helps in avoiding mistakes and problems in the code. It also stops developers from creating code that could cause issues when the program is running. Moreover, Kotlin’s simple way of writing code makes it easier to handle complicated logic in your code.


Kotlin is a great choice for Android App development, thanks to its many useful features. It works well with Java and allows developers to build mobile apps easily. This language comes with lots of tools and libraries, making it fast to create robust apps. Plus, Google and JetBrains provide strong support for debugging, making development smoother. If you are in need of a Kotlin Android app development company, Xcelore is your ideal partner, specializes in Kotlin app development, and has a decade of industry experience. Reach out to us now!

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