Virtual Customer Service Assistant

Build Your Conversational ChatBot in No Time Using our Gen-AI-based Chatbot Accelerator solution

Introducing our Virtual Customer Service Assistant , an accelerator solution for conversational ChatBots, powered by Generative AI-based open-source Large Language Models (LLMs).

We develop Generative AI chatbots using our accelerator, which boasts enhanced capabilities compared to traditional, rule-based declarative chatbots. Our accelerator streamlines the process, enabling the creation of robust and scalable solutions in significantly less time and at a reduced cost. Partner with us to explore innovative applications of AI-powered bots beyond basic customer support and service.

Evolution from declarative to conversational models
The Conversational model of our service assistant enables more dynamic and engaging interactions...
The Conversational model of our service assistant enables more dynamic and engaging interactions, allowing for fluid conversations and improved user experiences.
API-based Cross-Platform Integration
With integration for Web, Mobile, WhatsApp, and other interfaces, It provides Deployment...
With integration for Web, Mobile, WhatsApp, and other interfaces, It provides Deployment flexibility on your infrastructure.
Suitable for customer service
Always-on and automated customer access across diverse industry domains....
Always-on and automated customer access across diverse industry domains.
Latest Gen AI models for construction
Continuous improvement through self-learning mechanisms...
Continuous improvement through self-learning mechanisms
No License
Built with proven open-source technologies..
built with proven open-source technologies

Features of Our Generative AI ChatBot Accelerator

Revolutionizing customer service, the Virtual Customer Service Assistant accelerator, driven by Large Language Models technology, transcends traditional chatbots. It intelligently comprehends context, evolves through dynamic interaction, multitasks seamlessly, and executes actions thereby offering a personalized, efficient, and secure conversational experience to reshape the landscape of customer service.

Semantic Understanding

Our Chatbot Accelerator Solution stands out with its advanced Semantic Understanding, enabling it to comprehend user queries contextually. This ensures more accurate and nuanced responses, surpassing the capabilities of traditional chatbots.

Dynamic Interaction

The model adapts dynamically to user behavior, providing personalized assistance based on previous interactions. This fosters a highly engaging and efficient user experience by tailoring responses to individual preferences and needs.

Multitasking Capabilities

With the ability to handle multiple user requests simultaneously, this assistant excels in multitasking. Its capacity for complex and multifaceted problem-solving sets it apart from conventional chatbots, enhancing its utility in diverse scenarios.

Natural Language Generation

Leveraging Natural Language Generation, the assistant generates human-like responses that enhance the conversational flow. This not only makes interactions more relatable but also contributes to a user-friendly and natural communication experience.

Information Synthesis

Going beyond static FAQ databases, the accelerator excels in Information Synthesis. It aggregates and consolidates data from diverse sources, ensuring it can provide comprehensive and up-to-date information to users.

Action Execution

Beyond basic information retrieval, our Virtual Service Assistant accelerator seamlessly executes actions such as database updates, form submissions, and file uploads. This feature streamlines user interactions by turning the assistant into an active participant in task execution.

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Challenges Solved by Conversational ChatBot

The accelerator solution effectively tackles several challenges faced by traditional Chatbots to deliver an enriched user experience, leveraging the contextual power of Large Language Models (LLMs) for context-aware responses and personalized assistance, it adapts dynamically to user behavior, ensuring an engaging interaction.
Non-human and disengaging conversations
Multiple languages, abbreviations, and slang support
Inability to learn on its own and construct responses based on different data sources
Lack of response based on preferences, occasions, or demographics
Lack of a robust fallback intent mechanism beyond a generic message

Transform the user experience on your platform with our Generative AI ChatBot accelerator

Technology we used

Discover a solution fortified with proven open-source technologies and models.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Virtual Customer Service Assistant excels in semantic understanding, comprehending user queries contextually for more accurate responses, distinguishing itself from conventional chatbots.

The Virtual Customer Service Assistant can be seen as an evolution or replacement of traditional rule-based and declarative Chatbots. However, the decision to have a separate Virtual Service Assistant on your applications or portal should be based on business context, potential user interactions, and IT spending budget. A VSA can serve as an evolution or replacement of a Chatbot, providing an automated interface to address and resolve customer queries, as well as perform actions based on user conversations.

 Yes, the assistant possesses Multitasking Capabilities, allowing it to address various user requests simultaneously and enabling complex problem-solving beyond the capabilities of typical chatbots.

We build customized conversational chatbots tailored to your needs. Typically, integration occurs through APIs and secured endpoints provided by our accelerator solution. The user interface (UI) of the chatbot’s front end can also be custom-built to meet your visual requirements or brand guidelines.

The solution is infrastructure agnostic and can be deployed on your own servers – whether on-premise or on the Cloud.

Using Natural Language Generation, the model produces responses that mimic human language, enhancing the conversational flow and making interactions more relatable and user-friendly.

Through Dynamic Interaction, the assistant learns from previous interactions, providing personalized assistance based on user behavior, creating a more engaging and efficient user experience.

The assistant excels in Action Execution, seamlessly performing tasks such as database updates, form submissions, and file uploads, extending its functionality beyond traditional information retrieval.

Yes, the assistant offers Cross-Platform Integration, seamlessly extending its capabilities beyond a standalone chat interface, and providing a more versatile user experience across various platforms.

Through Information Synthesis, the assistant aggregates and consolidates data from various sources, providing comprehensive and up-to-date information beyond the scope of static FAQ databases.

Our accelerator solution, Virtual Service Assistant, facilitates the development of Gen-AI-based conversational chatbots, aiding in their modernization. It incorporates tested AI models, significantly reducing the time and cost required to bring these chatbots to market.

Xcelore being a solution-led Digital Technology services company does not claim the source code or the IP of the chatbot solution built as per specific customer needs.

The Virtual Customer Service Assistant can be utilized in any applications or portals where prompt responses to customer queries are necessary. It serves as an evolution or replacement for Chatbots, offering an automated interface to address and resolve customer inquiries while also executing actions based on user conversations.

Yes, the solution’s adaptability and context awareness make it versatile for customization, allowing businesses to tailor the assistant to specific industry requirements and user preferences.

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