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Championing Business Excellence in the Digital Realm, Pioneering Technological Advancement & Innovation Beyond Boundaries!

We are a young, fast-growing, design and innovation-led technology team crafting products with the power of Digital, AI, and cloud Native.

Xcelore is on a mission to help businesses excel in the digital realm while exploring new horizons of technological advancement & innovation. 

We are an X-factor of Digital Technology Experiences!


The Beginning

Xcelore was founded in 2023 as an offshoot of an established business of the last 8+ years & 350+ people team (Vaidik Eduservices). Xcelore is already growing very fast & plans to become a 120+ people team in the first two years itself.

Our Story, How it Started

Xcelore is started by a passionate group of people who have helped businesses of different scales and complexities in their digital transformation and product engineering initiatives for the last 12+ years. After excelling in technology services business, deliveries of products & projects with advanced technologies and identifying opportunities in new age & cutting edge technology areas that should be served to the customers, the founders also realized that there is an absolute gap in the industry with respect to the values which are provided to the end customers and treating customer projects with ownership & empathy.
Work Culture


Founders started Xcelore with the mission to disrupt the Digital Technology Services & Product Engineering space by providing the right & desired values to the customers with transparency, empathy & complete ownership in the most cost effective way. In order to achieve this mission, Xcelore is built with the principles, which a lot of organizations speak but find it difficult to practice i.e. Design First, Cloud Native, Agile & Fullstack.

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Our Culture & Values

Excellence and Exploration


T.I.E (Trust , Integrity and Empathy)


Continuous Learning and Sharing


Fun Filed with balance in life and work


Ownership with Responsible Freedom





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